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    2017 Quality Month · Knowledge Cup - Quality & System Knowledge Contest


    Innovation and Technology

        Quality Month · Learn Cup

    2017 quality month · knowledge cup

    - Quality & System Knowledge Contest

    Start it! ! !

    The competition is sorted by score

    Light is the name of our team

    It has won at the starting line

    Names are as domineering as Pa Pa

    Xiao Bian watching the prizes on the judges on both eyes glow

    Standing ready to start the game

    Pick up the pen is a war

    unity is strength

    Quality knowledge contest has been successfully concluded

    The whole activity is very lively

    Active participation is also very high

    Competition knowledge bread contains

      System, quality, product

    Wide range of knowledge has reached the original intent of the competition

    Article last

    Pa tyco to give you a chance

    Vote for the most domineering team in your mind